Fully Managed Services Agreement is Polarise’s premier service. Ongoing preventative maintenance is highly regarded as a way to improve availability through incident avoidance.
This program is designed to provide our customers with a guaranteed level of IT service at a guaranteed monthly cost.
  • Polarise NOC (Network Operation Center)
  • Pricing based on the number of devices / services under management
  • Server monitoring
  • Automated and manual server support
  • IT asset tracking
  • Risk management and threat detection
  • Anti-virus management
  • Software licence Management
  • IT costs and budget management
  • Priority monitoring on line of business software
  • Heartbeat monitoring
  • Proactive support
  • Auto ticket creation
  • One fixed monthly fee
  • Unlimited remote and onsite support

Periodically advancement comes along that revolutionises how things are done. Managed services is just such an advancement.

This new IT services delivery model is poised to redefine how small and medium sized businesses consume IT services. Traditional IT models for the small and medium business (SMB) and small medium enterprise (SME) have traditionally left the business in a position where they were paying a lot of money for what amounts to a poor level of service.

Managed services harnesses the skills and capabilities of Polarise’s technical services team combined with the power of an Internet-enabled technology platform, to allow the SMB/SME to have access to a fully managed IT service when and how they need it – in a manner that fits perfectly into the cost structure of the typical small business.

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